Remember, when fighting Walkers, always aim for the head!

When you go on a mission, you can see how much energy you need in the Green "Fight" button.

When you're in a fight tap on the Walker's head to make a headshot.

With guns, you can shoot Walkers from a distance. Different guns hold different amounts of ammo, so keep an eye on how often you need to reload! When your magazine runs empty, your gun will reload, however, you won’t run out of bullets.

Grenades are rare finds, and can take out a whole group of Walkers at once. Put your finger on the grenade button, and then swipe up towards where you want to throw it. If you spin it, it will rotate while flying! Be careful though, the smoke from the explosion can limit your visibility!

The delay between throwing Grenades is one second. Can’t handle the explosives recklessly, right?

You can take one Hero as your Companion to any mission, and one weapon. If your Companion takes damage, they will need to rest before they can fight again.

If the Walkers reach you, you’ll lose the mission, so keep them off!