Infestations sometimes give you Safe House tokens as a final reward. Once you receive enough tokens, you can build a Safe House with them!

Go to Map > Backpack > Build. Then choose which Safe House you want to build, and place it on the map in an available area. If there's an existing Safe House too near, you’ll have to place yours a bit further away. Once a Safe House has been placed it cannot be moved, and no other Safe Houses can be placed near it.

Safe Houses last for 10 days unless they are upgraded by dropping off enough survivors there.

The different Safe House types are:

Shelter: rewards you with Hero cards

Armory: rewards you with weapon cards

Trading Post: rewards you with coins.

Warehouse: rewards you with perk cards

When you take a rescued survivor to a Safe House, you receive rewards based on its type! Plus the higher the level of the Safe House, the more cards or coins you receive for leaving Survivors there.