To help your group secure all those sweet missions you found, Flares can now be extended by anyone in the group!

How does it work?
  • About 15 minutes before a Flare expires, an “Extend” button will appear on the Flare.
    Flares can only be extended from the location they were placed at.
  • To extend an existing Flare, travel to its location first, then tap “Extend” from the Flare menu.
  • Extending a Flare costs 1 Flare and requires you to confirm the action first - this is to avoid accidentally spending Flares.
Some things to consider:
  • A Flare can only be extended once at a time (within the 15 minutes before expiration) and up to 5 times per Flare.
  • If several players attempt to extend the same Flare at the same time, only the first extension will be accepted - the rest of the players will be informed that the Flare has already been extended and no Flares will be taken from their inventories.
  • If you travelled to the Flare location, but the “Extend” option is not available to you, give it some time - Flares can only be extended up to 15 minutes before they expire.