You now have the ability to jump between flares without going back to your primary location.

How does it work?
Once in a Flare location, open the Flare menu and tap ‘Travel’ on any other available location - this will directly send you there, without having to travel back! To get back to your original map location, simply select ‘Return’ at the bottom of the Flare list.

You can jump between Flares as many times as you want as long as the Flare locations are still available. There’s no limitation to the number of Flare locations players can visit daily/weekly.

Common scenarios to consider:
  • If a Flare expires while you’re visiting its location, you will be returned to your original map location.  
  • If you are using Free Roam while visiting a Flare location, you’ll be sent back to your home location as soon as the Free Roam expires or is stopped.
  • If any of the other available Flares expire in the meantime, they will simply disappear from the list without affecting your current location.