This release provides you with the ability to pin your favorite cards at the top of the card selection, making it easy to select your preferred Weapons and Heroes.  

Pinned cards are displayed at the top of your card collection as well as in the card selection screen before any Mission. The feature unlocks at Player level 4 and allows you to pin up to 3 cards of your choice. While you can pin any Hero or Weapon, note that Perks cannot be pinned.  

To pin or unpin a card, go to your collection, preview your preferred card and tap the 'Favorite' heart icon at the upper left-hand side of the screen. Pinned Cards can be unpinned or re-pinned at any time!

Image of a weapon card displaying the heart symbol in the upper left corner of the screen before and after tapping it to favorite the card

Filtering continues to work as normal, with the exception that pinned cards will still show at the top regardless of the active filter.

Image showing the three Favorite cards pinned at the top of the card collection at all times

We hope that this feature helps support you on your quests, saving you time looking for the perfect card combo.