Hello everyone,

As most of you are aware, starting at around 12:30 UTC on January 4th, Our World and other games were hit by unexpected server issues. These issues caused players to experience problems when buying items, accessing the game or recovering a saved game.

The team has been working hard to identify and resolve the issues with our servers provider, and we can now confirm that they are back up and running. You should be able to now load your account or to recover your previous saved game. Pease head over to the Shop, where you will find a Free compensation crate for Players above level 5. Make sure to claim it before Friday, January 7th 09:00 UTC!

Resolution for cases "I can't recover my game"

Once your restart your game, you should find an option where you can select your saved game. If this doesn't happen please immediately tap on the profile image and connect to your Game Center or Play Games Account. If you see "connected", please re-install the app and it should load your account once you re-connect to your Game Center or Play Games Account.

This should finish recovering your saved account. Should your account not have been recovered after connecting to Game Center or Play Games.

Resolution for cases "I purchased an item but didn't receive"

You should automatically receive the offer you bought whilst the issue was on-going, if that is not the case, please reply to this message with purchase receipts so that we can help you out.

If you are an iOS user and you were charged more than once for this particular purchase, we understand that the situation is frustrating. Unfortunately, all monetary transactions in The Walking Dead Our World are handled and monitored by Apple, and they are the right party to contact in this case. You can reach them at https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ Just sign in, find the purchase(s) you want to request a refund for and contact Apple through the “Report a Problem” button.

Next Games is not able to influence any payment-related processes. All refund requests are handled by Apple.

We understand that this creates an extra step of inconvenience but unfortunately, we are not able to issue the refund directly. If you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to let us know.

If the resolution for your type of case doesn't work, please send us an in-game support ticket with your in-game details and we will look at your individual situation.

Thanks for all of your patience and understanding during these times.