What’s new in 16.0

Take on your group-mates during the Season with the new Internal Group Leaderboards! Elsewhere, “Fight the Dead, Fear the Living” has never been more true than in the new Raider Ambush missions!

Raider Ambush

During the next Season, for Player Level 11 and above, a new Mission type will be seen on the map - Raider Ambush.

In Raider Ambush Missions, Raiders lay in wait and ready to spring a devious trap on anyone who comes near their territory. If you want the supplies the raiders are hoarding you’ll have to take them down. Easy? Maybe not! This time the Raiders are prepared with a new defensive measure - a storage locker filled with Walkers. This ain’t your grandma’s storage wars. If you want the loot you’ve got to battle both Raiders and Walkers simultaneously.

Get your Sniper Rifles ready because the onslaught of Walkers won't stop until all of the Raiders have been defeated, but make sure the Walkers don't get too close whilst you're taking out the Raiders or it's game over.

Group Boards Changes
From Season 19 onwards, at the end of each round, you'll reset to the beginning of the Board you're on, rather than the beginning of the Tier.

Group External Link

From 16.0 onwards, your group will be able to add an external link to your Group info page via Group Settings. This link will only be visible to your group members and you can choose from 6 different Platforms, Discord, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram or Signal.

To add this to your Group info page you need to be a Group Leader or a Co-Leader. If this is the case, tap on Group Settings and afterwards Edit at the side of External Link option. After this, select your group's platform of choice, and then there are 2 ways to add the link. One is via tapping paste, which adds the invitation link, and the other is by typing your own invitation code that is specific to your server or group chat. Examples below:
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Signal

Internal Group Contribution Leaderboards

Group contribution leaderboards’ feature shows group member activity on Group Boards. Players are ranked based on their group contribution points.

Group Contribution points are calculated from each contributing players' relative contribution in each group board tile. The group contribution score can be seen on the group board tiles, and the amount of contribution score in brackets after the progress amount.

To access Internal Group Leaderboards, tap on the Contributor icon that can be found at the right side of Tiers-option on the Challenges tab.

There are 2 different Internal Group Leaderboards, Season contribution and Round contribution. Season contribution ranks players based on their contribution during the current season and shows the season end timer. Group contribution ranks players based on their contribution during the current round and shows the round number and timer.

You can also access previous season ranking through the season tab and previous round ranking through the round tab.

Coming soon:

Brand new Events, and yet-to-be-revealed Heroes & Talents!

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
  • Achievements has been replaced with OW Official Social Media channels tab
  • Updated Splash Screen
  • New Notification system
  • Fixed game crashing after watching an ad
  • Fix for non-randomized Group rewards
  • Fix for Ultimate Division Players not being able to see Tournament Rewards
  • Fix for Players with "already owned item" error when purchasing Packs