Survivor Masters Series

We are excited to share with you a new feature currently in development that will allow you to prove your Walkers slaying skills - The Survivor Masters Series (SMS). To access the SMS, tap on the Trophy icon which can be found on the map in the bottom left corner. This feature is available for Players level 7 and above.

Each attempt in SMS, consisting of 3 stages, costs 1 ticket and requires the use of different heroes and weapons of your choosing. You will receive one free ticket every 24 hours while the tournament is ongoing. Tickets can also be purchased from the Our World Shop for 100 Gold. One free ticket will be available in the Shop on December 9th 09.00 UTC. This must be claimed within 48h.

There is a cap of 3 on tickets, however tickets purchased from the Shop will ignore the cap.

Survivor Masters: New York - Important Dates
Starts on Wednesday December 9th at 09:00 UTC and ends on Monday December 21st at 08:50 UTC.

SM: New York has 6 rounds with each round lasting for 2 days and all Rounds begin at 09:00 UTC and end at 08.50 UTC:
  • Round 1: Dec 9th - Dec 11th
  • Round 2: Dec 11th - Dec 13th
  • Round 3: Dec 13th - Dec 15th
  • Round 4: Dec 15th - Dec 17th
  • Round 5: Dec 17th - Dec 19th
  • Round 6: Dec 19th - Dec 21st
Structure & Promotions
At the start of the SMS, after playing your first attempt, you will be randomly grouped with other Players in Bronze division on Round 1 or any other Round depending on when you start the tournament.

After each Round, the highest scoring Players of each group will be promoted to the next Division. You can see who is in the promotion zone on the group Leaderboard:
  • The Top 10 in each Bronze Division Group get promoted to Silver
  • The Top 10 in each Silver Division Group get promoted to Gold
  • The Top 5 in each Gold Division Group get promoted to Champion
  • The Top 2 in each Champion Division Group get promoted to Ultimate
  • The Ultimate Division only has 1 group and does not have a promotion zone. 
Players can not be demoted.

You can find more information about SMS Structure and Promotion here.

We are still actively improving the Survivor Masters Series and adding further functionality, as well as fine-tuning the overall experience. We’d love to hear your feedback here!