Survivor Masters Series - Structure

A Round’s length can vary depending on each Survivors Masters Series Tournament. You can find the specific timeline through in-game news while the Survivor Masters Series is available. You will also see the current round and countdown timer for round end on the Survivor Masters Series landing page.

The number of attempts you can make per round is only limited by the number of tickets you have. Each attempt score will be the total of all 3 stages in that attempt. Your leaderboard score will be the highest attempt score of all played attempts in a round. Also, if you do not finish all stages in an attempt during a Round then the total score of all played stages is shown on the leaderboard (for example, played only stage 1)

At the start of the Survivor Masters Series, after playing your first attempt, you will be randomly grouped with other Players in Bronze division on Round 1 or any other Round depending on when you start the tournament. (Yellow arrows)

After each Round, top Players of each group leaderboard will be promoted to the next Division (green arrow) and everyone will be regrouped after the first attempt of each Round as the tournament progresses. You can see who is in the promotion zone on the group Leaderboard.

Those Players who did not promote to the next Division will be regrouped within the same Division after their first attempt during the next Round and can still participate in the tournament (red arrow), earning the opportunity to advance to the next division at the end of the round.

There are 5 different division ranks - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champion and Ultimate.

Everyone that reaches Ultimate Division will be in the same group (blue arrow) during the final two rounds.

During Round 6, there won’t be any promotion zones. Your rank in your division will affect Final Round Rewards, only Players who have played during the 6th Round will be eligible to receive Final Round Rewards.

Play freeze activates 20 minutes before the end of the tournament. If you have started an attempt or stage just before the play freezes, you will have 10 minutes to play all remaining stages in your attempt before the score freezes. During the following 10 minutes, no new scores are taken into account and the leaderboard is checked for promotions and placements. Make sure you play early and don't lose your chance to be the top!

There are 4 different types of Tournament Rewards:
  • Static - Reward received after playing an attempt
  • Promotion Reward - Reward received when promoted to the next division after a Round ends
  • Consolation Reward - Reward received when not promoted to the next division after a Round ends
  • Group Reward - Reward for Players starting from the Top 5 of the Champion I Division. These rewards are for the Players entire non-tournament Group. The awarded Player will distribute their Group Reward to their non-tournament Group by going to the Social tab and tapping “Send”. Everyone from the group will then receive a notification in the Social tab that a Player has sent them a Reward Pack and will have the ability to claim it there. Please note that these have expiration times, the timer can be seen on the reward notification in the Social tab.

Survivor Masters Series