Free Roam

Free Roam introduces a whole new way of playing Our World! Free Roam will allow you to freely move around and explore your surroundings, independent of your real world location.

How does it work

You can access Free Roam by activating the Compass that can be found on the bottom left-hand corner of the Map Menu. After activating it, you have 5 minutes to explore the world around you freely. After your time is up, you will not be able to move, however you will still have 15 minutes to play any missions around you before returning to your location, or to extend your Free Roam timer at the cost of 1 Compass. You can stop Free Roam before your time is up, and return to your last known location. However, any remaining time will be lost.

You will be returned to your last known location after the Free Roam timer has expired. If your Free Roam ends while in a flare or you leave a flare while in Free Roam, you will return to your last known physical location. However, if you travel to a flare when Free Roam is active and leave the game, when coming back to the game you will go to your last Free Roam location. On the other hand, if you return to the game and the Free Roam timer has ended, you will return to your last known location.

Note: the Free Roam timer is not paused while you play missions, or if you close the game.

How to move

You can start moving by toggling the Move button on the bottom left-hand corner. To change direction rotate your map by swiping left or right on the screen.

How to get Compasses

You can get a free Compass as a reward from completing all Daily Missions, and you also have a chance to earn them from Stashes! Free Roam Compasses will also be available in the shop for 100 Gold each. Please note that the Free Roam Compass has a cap of 3 when collected from Stashes. However, if earned through Daily Missions, purchased from the Store, or obtained from any source other than stashes, you can go over the cap.

Minimum Level

The Compass will be available for Players above level 3.


We are still actively improving Free Roam and adding further functionality in the near future, as well as fine-tuning the overall experience. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please do share your thoughts on our social channels or via FAQ and Contact!