At the start of each round during a Season your Group will find 3 Challenge Boards - this is called a Tier. If you complete all three Challenge Boards you will complete the Tier, your Group will earn rewards and progress to the next Tier.

As your Group progresses up through the Tiers you will earn better Tier and Season End rewards. Make sure to play to everyone's strengths and preferences, coordinate cleverly and use Flares to support each other, and climb as high as you can before the time runs out.

Each of the 6 rounds lasts approximately a week. After the round the Challenge Board progress resets to the beginning of your current Tier. If you complete the final Tier before the end of the Season, you can repeat it again to improve your Group Score on the Leaderboards as well as earning additional rewards! At the beginning of each Season every Group will start from Tier 1.

Your Group Score on the Leaderboards increases whenever the Group completes Tasks, unlocks a Reward Pack from Boards, or completes a Tier.