Daily and Weekly Missions & Battle Passes

Daily and Weekly Missions include a number of tasks which the players can complete during the respective timeframe to earn rewards.

The Daily Missions are the same every day but progress and rewards refresh every 24 hours at 00:01 UTC. The Weekly Missions may change from week to week and different Missions unlock as players’ level increase. These Missions refresh every seven days depending when you first got them. Please remember to claim all unlocked rewards before the Missions refresh!

Both Battle Passes, the Survivor Pass for new players and later the Season Pass for older players, will reward players through a milestone system where the progress is based on the number of Medals earned by completing the Daily and Weekly Missions. The Passes will have two reward tiers: Free and Premium rewards. Premium rewards can be unlocked by purchasing the Premium version of the Pass. The first Season Pass will be available at the start of next Group Board Season in January 2020. Please stay tuned for more details on the Season Pass as the new Season approaches!