Reset the world around you with the Terminus Map!

How does it work?
The Terminus Map refreshes all Missions on the map around you. This means that if you've played all the Missions and want to play them again, you can! This includes: Infestations, Encounters, Raiders, All Rare and Epic Missions and Crates. Terminus Map also works within a Flare and will reset all the content within it.

Note that the Terminus Map does not refresh the expiration timer for Missions and Crates. So, take care to note the expiration timers as Missions which has expired disappears and will therefore not be refreshed by using the map or it might refresh a mission with different level and enemy type, as the previous one expired and a new one spawned.

Where can I find the Terminus Map?
Terminus Map is available on the shop for 100 Gold a piece, but you also have a chance to get it from Board rewards, and every time you level up (starting on level 3) you will get one for free.