Deploy Baits to activate a temporary mission on the Map. Baits comprise 3 attempts of ‘Endless Mode’ combat, in which you will try and survive for as long as possible against never-ending waves of Walkers. You can find your Bait in the Inventory by tapping on the backpack icon in the Map view. Select a Bait to choose where it is placed on the Map.

Once deployed, Baits are available for 30min. They are visible to all other players in your location including those traveling through Flares. One Bait can be played by a maximum of 50 players. You can see and play deployed Baits on the Map from player level 4 and up.

Bait scoring and rewards

The rewards from Bait are determined by your score at the end of each of the 3 stages, costing 5 energy each. The higher your score, the better the rewards. You can earn all rarities of cards, and from reward level 8 onwards you have a chance to earn Grenades, Coins or a Legendary Wildcard.

Take down as many Walkers as you can and see if you can top the Bait Leaderboard!
There’s also a Score Multiplier that increases for each walker you kill, and goes down for any miss or shot that does not kill a walker. Experiment with the different weapon types to see which works best for you to build and sustain the Score Multiplier.

Your companion’s actions are not affected by the score multiplier.