Raider Outposts are unlocked at player level 6 and have 1 stage and will cost 3 energy. On the map they will have an icon of one Raider. Raider Outposts feature Raiders that you'll need to take down, and they're armed to the teeth with the weapons you find throughout Our World.

When you tap on one you’ll be given the choice of which 5 Heroes should follow you into battle. Good luck, and stay alive!

Note: Weapon Mods work in Raider missions, however, most Companion Talents do not. Only those Talents specifically for Raider missions work.

You’ll be able to find the Sniper Rifle from Raider Outposts. This scoped rifle will give you the added reach you need against hard to hit Raiders and Armoured Walkers.

Look out for the following Perks which can help you out during Raider missions as well!
- Daryl’s Ear Necklace - This Perk Increases the damage your weapons do against Raiders.
- Savior Van - The Savior Van Perk card increases the resilience of the cover your Companions take shelter behind.