Mods are modifications you can add to your weapons to power them up and improve their speed and damage. They unlock on your weapons when you reach player level 5.

All Mods are locked to begin with and you will need to collect Upgrade tokens from Group Boards and cleared Infestations to active each Mod, starting from the left and working along the row.

Tap on the Mod icons to find out which Mods you can unlock on your favourite weapons!

Weapon Mods:
  • Melee Support: +30% Melee hero damage.
  • Assault Support: +30% Assault Rifle hero damage.
  • SMG Support: +30% SMG hero damage.
  • Shotgun Support: +30% Shotgun hero damage.
  • Sniper Support: +30% Sniper Rifle hero damage.
  • Pistol Support: +30% Pistol hero damage.
  • Extra Capacity: +2 rounds.
  • Silent: Your first 2 shots in combat will go unnoticed by Walkers.
  • Rapid Reload: -15% shorter reload time.
  • Steady: 20% reduction in recoil
  • Wide Shot: Bullet spread covers a +20% wider area and deals 20% more total damage.
  • Trigger Happy: +15% faster attack rate

Special Hero Talents & Weapon Mods:
  • Critical: +10% chance of dealing double damage with every attack. Multiple instances increase the chance to deal double damage on attack.
  • Finisher: +10% damage against damaged enemies. Any damage done to a target will trigger Finisher, no matter how minor. Multiple stacks increase damage (i.e. +20% for 2 instances).
  • Overpower: Deals +35% additional damage to walkers, if strong against them. Multiple stacks increase damage additively (i.e. +70% on Cougar SMG versus Spiked Walkers).
  • Crippling Shot: Leg shots slow down the enemy for +2 seconds. Whisperers are immune. Multiple stacks increase duration of Cripple on affected enemies.
  • Savage: +15% damage against raiders. Multiple instances increase damage done (i.e. +30% damage against raiders for 2 instances)
  • Slayer: +15% damage against walkers. Multiple instances increase damage done (i.e. +30% damage against walkers for 2 instances)
  • Demolition: +50% damage against cover. Covers are used by enemy raiders. Your hero attacks the cover if his chosen target is hiding behind cover. Multiple instances increase damage against covers (i.e. 150% for 3 instances).
  • Contributor: +5% chance of gaining double progress in Group Challenges. Works in all missions. Doesn't work in buildings or on crates. Multiple instances increase chance to score double points in Group Challenges.
These mods stack up, unless it is for example Shock and Awe, deals triple damage for +3s after a grenade explosion. When there are 3 of this talent on the same Hero, it would mean that you will do triple damage for 9s after a grenade explosion.