The Portal Pass unlocks after Chapter 2, Mission 5 and can be found under “Reward Pass”.

Each Portal Pass lasts for one week and rewards you for completing Portal stages. Different Portal stages award you different amounts of Portal Pass points — the more stages you complete, the more rewards you can earn!

Play daily for extra rewards!

  • Log into the game for 5 consecutive days to unlock the premium rewards of the Portal Pass
  • A new login day begins at 11:00 am UTC when your list of daily tasks resets
  • Tap on the “i” button in the Portal Pass view for more information
  • You can collect a maximum of 5000 Portal Pass points
  • Keep in mind that Portal completions won't earn you additional rewards beyond this limit
  • Any unclaimed rewards at the end of the event will be delivered directly to your Inbox

    Note: Due to its short duration, the Portal Pass login streak does not carry over and will be reset at the beginning of each Portal Pass.