Hello from Hawkins!

We have had many exciting adventures with you around Hawkins, and later this year, those adventures will be bigger than ever - because Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is moving to Netflix exclusively in Q4 2022!
In order for us to prepare for this move, we will be making some changes to the current live game.

As of today, May 19, 2022:

In-app purchases will be turned off
The game will no longer be available to download via the app stores
We will add new free items, Goo and Radios, to the shop, and the premium Task Pass will be available to all (restarting 20 May) to help you advance in the game in the absence of in-app purchases

You can continue playing until August 15, 2022.

If you wish to continue playing the game, do not uninstall the game, as it will no longer be available to download in the app stores.

There will be no more updates to the current version of the game, but we will continue to offer player support for bugs and issues as normal until the day we close the servers.

We will shut down the servers for this version of the game on August 15, 2022.

Join us on Netflix in Q4 2022 - Get a Puzzle Tales Progression pack to get started!

We are offering a Puzzle Tales Progression Pack to those who wish to continue playing on Netflix, when we relaunch the game. The pack’s contents will reflect your prior progress and investment in the game.

Please submit your contact details using this form, and you can expect to hear from our team in the autumn of 2022.  Please note that an active Netflix subscription will be required to play the new version of the game.

We hope that you will stick around to see what the new version of Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales will be like. Stay tuned to our Discord server and in-game news for exclusive sneak peeks and free gifts along the way.

Thank you for all of your support.
Happy Adventuring!